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  • New and used Evo parts
  • Engine builds
  • Clutch replacements
  • Brake replacements
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Full drive train repairs

We dismantle Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions

Evoparts workshop

Evoparts supplies road tested, high quality parts to keep these great machines performing and competing to the best of their capabilities.

With years of experience, Jeremy can give you the best advice for your car!

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Evopart Workshop Services

Evoparts Workshop Services

Evoparts have full workshop facilities and specialise in all mechanical repairs for Lancer Evolutions. Services range from full engine builds to whatever specification the customer requires, clutch and brake replacements, gearbox and full drive train repairs.

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Currently dismantling:

Evo 4
Evo 4/5
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